A Foundation You Can Trust

The Foundation also offers ongoing sound leadership and professional management. It is operated by a board of Trustees whose members are chosen for their knowledge and understanding of the community. They serve on a voluntary basis to protect the long-term interests and growth of the Foundation’s assets. Operating expenses for the Foundation are minimal.

The Wapakoneta Area Community Foundation gains additional strength from its affiliation with the Fifth Third Bank Trust Co. for investment purposes. However, decisions regarding fundraising and the distribution of funds remain in the Wapakoneta Area Community Foundation.

The Wapakoneta Area Community Foundation is a vehicle through which individuals, families, companies, and charitable organizations can make current and planned gifts to benefit the community, both today and for years to come. Charitable funds serve purposes as varied as the donors who create them. Donors may establish a fund to support the community’s greatest areas of need, a broad field of interest, or specific charitable organizations or programs.

Gifts can give forever because the Foundation invests the charitable capital to make certain there are resources for the future.

The Foundation offers unique flexibility, making it possible for donors to benefit a variety of philanthropic purposes.

Tax Benefits
As a public charity, the Foundation offers maximum tax benefits.

Financial Management
Maximizing returns while minimizing expenses, the Foundation offers a variety of investment options.

A volunteer Governing Committee of experienced community leaders oversees foundation management and use of funds. 

Why Give?

The Wapakoneta Area Community Foundation is similar to the well-funded community foundations in many of our neighboring communities. These foundations provide scholarships, seed money for new art and cultural groups, athletic sponsorships, and health services, the kinds of things that are needed but not covered by tax monies. A community foundation provides an efficient and effective structure or linking individuals’ charitable interests with important programs and services.

Since its founding, the Wapakoneta Area Community Foundation has worked to build a permanent endowment which will support a variety of charitable programs. The Foundation is a conduit through which donors can make individual gifts to benefit the community in a collective way. A sizable endowment is critical to ensuring that community needs will be met for years to some. Only the earnings are expended from the endowed account, assuring that dollars will always be available to improve the quality of life and work in the grant distribution region, which includes the Wapakoneta school district. 

Give Now

You can create a fund at the Foundation to support the charity or charities you believe in. Many donors regularly contribute assets to a donor advised fund and suggest periodic distributions to charitable organizations.

Future Giving
After providing for your loved ones, you can create a fund at the Foundation or add to one you have already established. Estate taxes can be saved, and the charitable causes you support during your lifetime can continue to benefit through a fund established at the Foundation.

Bequests: A bequest to the Foundation can be easily made through a simple designation in a will or trust to establish a fund or add to an existing fund. The Foundation accepts bequests in several forms, including specific sums or assets, a percentage of the residue of the estate, and contingent bequests.

Life Income Plans: Some planned gift arrangements offer the benefit of a current tax deduction in exchange for the commitment of funds to a charitable purpose or purposes at some later date. The result may be an increase in current spendable income for you and your family. At a later date, a fund will be established at the Foundation.

The following planned gift arrangements can be used to create funds: remainder interests in real estate, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift annuities, gifts of life insurance, and retirement plan assets.

“It takes a noble man to plant a seed for a tree that will someday give shade to people he may never meet.”

David E. Trueblood