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Our 2017 scholarship applications are CLOSED!  The next round of scholarship applications will begin in January 2018.”

High school seniors will find most scholarships have a March deadline. Start early…gathering and adding information takes time!

Completing one application enables you to apply for most of our scholarships.  As you answer questions in the application, scholarships for which you may be eligible will be presented to you. Please contact us before the deadline with any questions at (419)739-9223 or raskinswacf@bright.net. Best of luck!


Many different scholarships are available to apply for.  Below are a few samples.  Click on the links below for a full list of detailed scholarships available and the scholarship FAQ’s.

Alvin E. Egbert Scholarship Fund
The Berg Family Scholarship

Steven A. and Marie E. Bilyj Scholarship Fund
Ida Brown Scholarship
Richard and Cindy Chadwick Scholarship
CYO Girls Basketball Scholarship
Jesse Doseck Memorial Scholarship

Paul E. Fisher Jr. Scholarship Fund
Freymuth-Sutton Scholarship
Keith Froning Scholarship
Jason C. Kline Scholarship Fund 
Riley and Jean Hardacre Family Scholarship Fund
Al & Gladys Heinrich Scholarship
Scott Lhamon Scholarship
Richard A. and Mary L. Lowry Scholarship
Merle and Opal Miller Scholarship
Arlene M. Metz Scholarship
Minster Bank Scholarship
Naylor Scholarship
Diane Inbody Pepple Memorial Scholarship
Niki Schaub 4-H Scholarship
Jason Strauser Memorial Scholarship Fund
Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Post 8445 Scholarship Fund
Wapakoneta Area Community Scholarship Fund
Wapakoneta Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 691 Scholarship
Wapakoneta Woman’s Club Scholarship

Full List of Detailed Scholarships | Scholarship FAQ’s

Scholarship Opportunities

These are some of schools that the foundation offers scholarship opportunities (please check each scholarship for specific eligibility requirements):

Indian Lake
Lima Senior
New Bremen
New Knoxville
St. Marys Memorial
Upper Scioto Valley

Scholarships Awarded 2017

CYO Basketball
Megan Smith $500

Fraternal Order of Eagles #691
Lindsey Sanders $2,000
Kate Henderson $2,000
Adam Henderson $2,000
Elizabeth Severt $2,000
Shelby Kohler $2,000

Leighton Wireman $1,500
Cassie Bicknell $1,500
Dia Irons $1,500
Loretta Lemaster $1,500
Jelisa Austin $1,500
Amari Russell $1,500

Jason Strauser Memorial
Lauren Drake $1,000
Lacey Hayes $1,000

Ida Brown
Kaitlin Snider $1,500
Lacey Hayes $1,500

Al & Gladys Heinrich
Isaac Hutchinson $1,000

Minster Bank
Lauren Drake $1,000

Sons of American Legion #330 Jerry Mason
Kate Henderson $1,500

Wapakoneta Women’s Club
Lauren Drake $1,000
Logan Meyer $1,000

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #8445
Morgan Fisher $1,000
Alexandra Gesler $1,000
Audrey Daum $1,000
Jadyn Nuss $1,000
Steve Chivington $1,000

Paul E. (Bud) Fisher
Blasia Moyler $1,500

Ryan Schneider $1,000

Jesse Doseck Memorial
Charles Tyler Copeland $1,000

Alvin Egbert
Kori Lochard $500

Merle & Opal Miller
Sierra Sammons $5,000
Jadelyn Hennon $8,000
Emily Klopfenstein $5,000
Owen Settlage $5,000
Morgan Miller $5,000
Brandon Turner $8,000
Taylor Bergman $8,000
Becca Young $8,000
Kori Lochard $5,000
Jordyn Law $5,000
Mya Hager $1,000

Scott D. Lhamon Memorial
John Bourne $1,000

Stephen A. & Marie Bilyj
Elizabeth Horman $1,500
Jordyn Law $1,500
Mya Hager $1,500
Becca Young $1,500

Mary Place Baker Memorial
Lindsey Sanders $5,000

Jason C. Kline Memorial
Blasia Moyler $2,000

Arlene Metz Teaching
Charles Tyler Copeland $1,000

Diane Inbody Pepple Memorial
Alexandra Shirk $500

Wapakoneta Community Scholarships
John Bourne (Barb Norton Memorial) $500
Kate Henderson (Barb Norton Memorial) $500
Elizabeth Horman (Lions Club) $1,000
Luke Steinke (Masonic Lodge) $500
Lauren Drake (Masonic Lodge) $500
Lauren Klopfenstein (Sertoma Club) $1,000
Lacey Hayes (The Miami Six) $3,000
John Bourne $500
Jordan Bowers $1,000
Megan Fisher $500
Lacey Hayes $1,000
Kate Henderson $1,000
Cassidy Hughes $1,000
Jordyn Law $1,000
Marisol Morales $500
Lindsey Sanders $500
Ryan Schneider $500
Wesley Temple $1,000
Emma Walker $1,500

Nikki Schaub 4H
Stephen Hayes $1,000
Brianna Jurosic $1,000
Madeline Okuley $1,000
Kyle Prenger $1,000
Quincy Rable $1,000
Alyssa Ruppert $1,000
Luke Steinke $1,000
Adam Vogel $1,000
Kelly Wilker $1,000
Total: $143,500

For Scholarship Award Recipients

If you have been notified that you have received a scholarship from one of the funds administered by the Wapakoneta Area Community Foundation…Congratulations!  You need to complete one easy task to receive your scholarship check:

  1. Send us your tuition statement (your college may call it an account or billing statement).  Colleges and universities typically make these available to you by logging into your account on the college’s website.  Review your Acceptance Letter to learn whether your scholarship check will be paid before the first or second college semester.  Please mail or email a copy of the tuition statement which shows what you owe to attend college.  We consider this as proof of enrollment in the college.  An emailed item may be sent to raskinswacf@bright.net.   A mailed copy may be sent to Wapakoneta Area Community Foundation P.O. Box 1957 Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895.

And one more important request…please send a Thank You note to the person or family that provided your scholarship.  It is always appreciated and valued by them!  Please send the note to the Wapakoneta Area Community Foundation P.O. Box 1957 Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895.

If you don’t personally know the individuals who provided the scholarship, it is always safe to begin your note with “To the (scholarship name) family.”   We will forward your note to the appropriate individual or family member. Mention your future plans such as your college, major and career goal.  Most individuals who create a scholarship fund have no involvement with the selection process and have not read your application.  They truly enjoy reading notes from recipients!

“The highest use of capital is not to make more money but to make money do more for the betterment of life.”

Henry Ford